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Adam Bede

Table Of Contents​

Book First​

  • Chapter I β€” The Workshop
  • Chapter II β€” The Preaching
  • Chapter III β€” After the Preaching
  • Chapter IV β€” Home and Its Sorrows
  • Chapter V β€” The Rector
  • Chapter VI β€” The Hall Farm
  • Chapter VII β€” The Dairy
  • Chapter VIII β€” A Vocation
  • Chapter IX β€” Hetty’s World
  • Chapter X β€” Dinah Visits Lisbeth
  • Chapter XI β€” In the Cottage
  • Chapter XII β€” In the Wood
  • Chapter XIII β€” Evening in the Wood
  • Chapter XIV β€” The Return Home
  • Chapter XV β€” The Two Bed-Chambers
  • Chapter XVI β€” Links

Book Second​

  • Chapter XVII β€” In Which the Story Pauses a Little
  • Chapter XVIII β€”- Church
  • Chapter XIX β€” Adam on a Working Day
  • Chapter XX β€” Adam Visits the Hall Farm
  • Chapter XXI β€” The Night-School and the Schoolmaster

Book Third​

  • Chapter XXII β€” Going to the Birthday Feast
  • Chapter XXIII β€” Dinner-Time
  • Chapter XXIV β€” The Health-Drinking
  • Chapter XXV β€” The Games
  • Chapter XXVI β€” The Dance

Book Fourth​

  • Chapter XXVII β€” A Crisis
  • Chapter XXVIII β€” A Dilemma
  • Chapter XXIX β€” The Next Morning
  • Chapter XXX β€” The Delivery of the Letter
  • Chapter XXXI β€” In Hetty’s Bed-Chamber
  • Chapter XXXII β€” Mrs. Poyser β€œHas Her Say Out”
  • Chapter XXXIII β€” More Links
  • Chapter XXXIV β€” The Betrothal
  • Chapter XXXV β€” The Hidden Dread

Book Fifth​

  • Chapter XXXVI β€” The Journey of Hope
  • Chapter XXXVII β€” The Journey in Despair
  • Chapter XXXVIII β€” The Quest
  • Chapter XXXIX β€” The Tidings
  • Chapter XL β€” The Bitter Waters Spread
  • Chapter XLI β€” The Eve of the Trial
  • Chapter XLII β€” The Morning of the Trial
  • Chapter XLIII β€” The Verdict
  • Chapter XLIV β€” Arthur’s Return
  • Chapter XLV β€” In the Prison
  • Chapter XLVI β€” The Hours of Suspense
  • Chapter XLVII β€” The Last Moment
  • Chapter XLVIII β€” Another Meeting in the Wood

Book Sixth​

  • Chapter XLIX β€” At the Hall Farm

  • Chapter L β€” In the Cottage

  • Chapter LI β€” Sunday Morning

  • Chapter LII β€” Adam and Dinah

  • Chapter LIII β€” The Harvest Supper

  • Chapter LIV β€” The Meeting on the Hill

  • Chapter LV β€” Marriage Bells

  • Epilogue