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Impressions of Theophrastus Such

Table Of Contents

Chapter Index

  • I. Looking Inward
  • II. Looking Backward
  • III. How We Encourage Research
  • IV. A Man Surprised At His Originality.
  • V. A Too Deferential Man.
  • VI. Only Temper.
  • VII. A Political Molecule.
  • VIII. The Watch-dog Of Knowledge
  • IX. A Half-breed
  • X. Debasing The Moral Currency
  • XI. The Wasp Credited With The Honeycomb
  • XII. So Young!
  • XIII. How We Come To Give Ourselves False Testimonials, And Believe In Them.
  • XIV. The Too Ready Writer
  • XV. Diseases Of Small Authorship
  • XVI. Moral Swindlers
  • XVII. Shadows Of The Coming Race
  • XVIII. The Modern Hep! Hep! Hep!